What’s new in Fifemon

Since the last FIFE Newsletter there have been two Fifemon updates, v3.2 and v3.3. Notable new features include: SAM project monitoring, Grafana update, batch history and much more.


SAM Project Monitoring

Many FIFE users submit jobs to operate on files in a SAM project. To aid these users in better samunderstanding the state of their SAM projects and associated batch jobs, we’ve started integrating samweb information into Fifemon. For starters, there’s the SAM Project Summary dashboard, from which you can select a SAM project and see the status of all associated batch jobs (and then drill down to further details on the status of these jobs). The Job Cluster Summary dashboard has a link to the SAM Station monitoring for the project. Finally, the User Overview dashboard aims to provide users a holistic view of their batch computing activity, much like what the Experiment Overview does for each experiment.

These are first steps with more in the works to better unify the SAM- and job-centric views of the batch system.

Grafana Update

shareFifemon is based on the Grafana dashboard application, which is constantly being improved and enhanced by the seemingly tireless developers. Among many bugfixes and UI improvements in Grafana versions 3.0 and 3.1, one noticeable change is that dashboard URLs are now updated to reflect selected variables. For instance, users can open up the User Batch Details dashboard, select their username from the drop-down, and bookmark the page to go right back there next time (Note this link was, and remains, available via the “Share dashboard” button at the top of the page.)


Batch History

If users better understand the resources their jobs have been using, they can tailor resource requests for batchfuture jobs. A summary of completed (and cancelled) jobs is now available in the User Batch History dashboard. Use the timepicker to select the time range when the job(s) ended. If necessary use the drop-down filter to narrow the list to specific jobs. The custom filter allows for powerful general queries. For instance, you can enter a command name to see only jobs running that executable.

And much more…

  • The database applications group has added several new dashboards.
  • Many fixes and tweaks to dashboard text and navigation buttons.

As always, full release notes can be found on the About Fifemon dashboard.

Found a bug? Have a suggestion for a new feature? Want to complain about the weather? Submit a ticket through the User Jobs Monitoring (fifemon) Scientific Computing Service in ServiceNow, we love to get feedback (except about the weather, we hate that too)!

— Kevin Retzke