Great expectations: SC-PMT review 2017

The Scientific Computing – Portfolio Management Team (SC-PMT) 2017 review was held at the end of February. SC-PMT is the annual review for the computing divisions and experiments to ensure computing resources (both hardware and people) are aligned with both P5 and FNAL objectives.

In preparation for the review, each experiment provides spreadsheets to indicate their computing needs projected over three years: tape, disk, cpu, and services. Major stakeholders also prepare short presentations that highlight those needs. Additionally, the division prepares summary slides of those requests and how to best map those onto available resources.

This year’s review resulted in three major recommendations:

  1. SCD should identify a way to buy some equipment this year, even if it is less than replacing all five-year-old equipment. Another year must not pass without some refresh.
  2. Fermilab should find resources necessary to continue the partnership and full participation in OSG.
  3. Fermilab should develop a process, different from the SC-PMT annual comprehensive review (more thorough presentations of requests as well as more thorough review), where requests for significant increases in support are ‘scrutinized’ appropriately. There may be lessons to be learned from the LHC experiments. SCD should work with the experiments to figure out a path forward.

All material for the review can be found here:

SCD expresses its gratitude to all the experiments, review team and staff who invested many hours in making this year’s review a success.

–Margaret Votava