How to make datasets and influence storage: SAM4Users

SAM4Users is a toolset designed to help analyzers create and manage datasets that are of interest to their analysis. It helps a common user to leverage all the great features SAM provides on their personal data files. Creating, relocating and retiring datasets of data files are no longer tasks that can only be done by a few experts in the experiment’s production group. With the SAM4Users toolset, these tasks all become as simple as the use of one command.

An example of using SAM4Users toolset — one command to declare all files in a directory to SAM and create a SAM dataset of those files

Since the release of the toolset, it has attracted interest from many of the experiments that currently use SAM. Users from the NOvA experiment have been successfully using the toolset to create, duplicate and relocate users’ datasets and run SAM projects against them. Tutorials and hands-on sessions were given to MicroBooNE and ANNIE users. Since most users from the NOvA and MicroBooNE experiments were already familiar with SAM, the tutorials for those users were focused on the usage of the SAM4Users toolset itself. In contrast, ANNIE just recently started using SAM. The tutorial for their users emphasized learning to use the SAM4Users toolset, including using it to create datasets, and then practicing on the SAM web client tool with these datasets. Feedback from the ANNIE tutorial showed this “reversed” learning process made it easier for users to learn both SAM and the SAM4Users toolset. As of today, ~100,000 files have been declared to SAM with the SAM4Users toolset across all experiments.

For more information about the SAM4Users toolset, please refer to

— Pengfei Ding