News from ICHEP and CHEP

This past August saw a record number of physicists in Chicago for the International Conference on High Energy Physics. The 38th installment of this biannual conference featured several presentations by SCD members in not only the Computing and Data Handling track, but also in the Astroparticle, Detector R&D, Higgs, and Neutrino tracks. FIFE was especially visible at the conference, with presentations and posters from nearly every experiment that uses some or all of the FIFE tools. More information is available at

The conference cycle continues October 10-14, with SLAC and LBNL hosting the Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics conference in San Francisco. Held approximately every 18 months, CHEP focuses on the challenges in computing, networking and software faced by modern HEP experiments, and it brings physicists and computing professionals together to come up with state of the art solutions. Fermilab scientists and computer professionals have contributed to multiple talks and posters, with a number of them related to FIFE tools and experiments. They include: Advances in Grid Computing for the FabrIc for Frontier Experiments Project at Fermilab; Grid Access with Federated Identities; The OSG Open Facility: An on-ramp for opportunistic scientific computing and virtual machine provisioning; and Code Management and Data Movement Design for the Fermilab HEPCloud Facility. Upon returning to Fermilab, attendees will present a summary of new trends and technologies discussed during the conference. General information on CHEP is available at, and the agenda is available at

— Ken Herner