The art of efficiency

In the near future, the FIFE group will implement a Grid Computing efficiency policy to help ensure maximal utilization of computing resources. In the coming weeks, the FIFE Group will be configuring jobsub servers to send email notifications to all FIFEBatch users informing them of the efficiency of clusters in terms of CPU time, memory utilization and scratch disk requested.

These notifications are designed to help users understand where their jobs may experience inefficiencies and allow them to optimize the resources requested when submitting grid jobs. After a trial period of 1-2 months and gathering feedback from stakeholders, the FIFE group will implement an efficiency policy which will modify the priority of users with excessively inefficient grid jobs in order to encourage more proper specification of grid-job resource needs. Please contact the FIFE group if you have questions concerning how efficiency is determined and what information you would like reported in the forthcoming email notifications.

User Efficiency Dashboard:

User Batch Details Dashboard:

— Mike Kirby