FIFE workshop focuses on services and tutorials

The annual FIFE Workshop will take place on June 20 and 21 this year with a focus on introducing new services and tutorials for current services. The talks on Monday are directed toward experiment Offline Coordinators and Production groups, and the talks on Tuesday are directed toward analyzers. The structure was chosen to allow attendees to more efficiently identify the talks they have the most interest in, but everyone is welcome to join and contribute to all parts of the workshop. The morning session on Monday will include talks about the current status of computing facilities along with plans for batch processing, storage architecture evolution and access to the Open Science Grid. The afternoon session on Monday will include discussion of improvements for art profiling (memory and CPU usage), monitoring, continuous integration, Production Operations Management Service, security and several other services with the FIFE umbrella. We will conclude the day with a discussion of long-term plans surrounding HEPCloud, Software Architecture and Security Strategy.

The second day of the FIFE Workshop is centered around best practices and tutorials for services already deployed within the computing workflows of experiments. The first morning session on Tuesday will cover best practices of how to utilize services such as job submission, dCache storage elements, data transfers and the first tutorials on the much lauded SAM4Users. The second morning session on Tuesday will provide hands-on tutorials for how to submit your job to the OSG, how to store personal files with SAM4Users and how to monitor the status and output of your jobs with FIFEMon. Finally, in the afternoon on Tuesday there will be “office hours” where you can schedule a discussion with experts for all of your favorite services: IFDH, job submission, databases and more.

Remember that registration is free to everyone, and all are welcome to attend all sessions. But we advise you to review the agenda in order to optimally take advantage of the sessions that meet your interests. Registration and the full agenda is available here. Coffee and donuts will be available for a small fee, and we will be organizing lunch delivered from Chipotle but paid for by each attendee.

— Mike Kirby