Components in experiment’s workflow management systems infrastructure

Recently, a group in SCD identified and mapped different components typically found in the Workflow Management Infrastructure (WMS) of HEP experiments. The fact finding exercise resulted in a document that can be found in the CD DOCDB: Beyond its initial goal of setting a common vocabulary, this document is also useful for identifying gaps in the functionality provided by the infrastructure and/or identifying potential services that can be enhanced to provide new or missing functionality.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.33.22 AMThe initial goal for this exercise was to leverage in-house expertise to come up with a common vocabulary based on the WMS components used by ATLAS, CMS and FIFE. This is especially useful when talking to new experiments like Proto Dune, Dune, etc. New experiments usually have physicists and computing professionals who are already part of existing experiments and are familiar with the aspects of WMS. However, their knowledge and vocabulary is often fine-tuned to their experiment.

This document lists different components in a typical HEP Experiment’s WMS infrastructure. It also tries to identify different services that provide the required functionality in case of ATLAS, CMS, FIFE and OSG VOs.

— Parag Mhashilkar