The Scientific Computing – Portfolio Management Team (SC-PMT) 2017 review was held at the end of February. SC-PMT is the annual review for the computing divisions and experiments to ensure computing resources (both hardware and people) are aligned with both P5 and FNAL objectives.

In early March, over 120 people gathered at the San Diego Supercomputer Center for the annual Open Science Grid All-Hands Meeting. The meeting brings researchers from all fields of science and distributed computing technicians together to learn about the numerous areas of science that the OSG impacts, both within and outside of the particle physics… More »

With an increasing demand from the production groups, the Production Operations Management System (POMS) is being extended to meet the Intensity Frontier (IF) experiments’ requirements for high scale production and distributed analysis processing.

SAM4Users is a toolset designed to help analyzers create and manage datasets that are of interest to their analysis. It helps a common user to leverage all the great features SAM provides on their personal data files. Creating, relocating and retiring datasets of data files are no longer tasks that can only be done by a few experts… More »

For the fifth year running, the FIFE group (http://fife.fnal.gov/) is holding an early summer workshop for experiment analyzers, offline coordinators and Scientific Computing Division service providers. The FIFE workshop will take place June 21-22, 2017 in the Building 327 video conference room (a.k.a. the CDF Big Room).  

In the near future, the FIFE group will implement a Grid Computing efficiency policy to help ensure maximal utilization of computing resources. In the coming weeks, the FIFE Group will be configuring jobsub servers to send email notifications to all FIFEBatch users informing them of the efficiency of clusters in terms of CPU time, memory… More »