On Dec. 7, during Computer Security Awareness Day 2016,  Jeny Teheran presented the talk titled “Security Basics for scientists and anyone who uses the scientific tools”. The focus of this presentation was to explain basic security concepts that scientists encounter every day while working at Fermilab, such as Kerberos tickets, certificates and proxies.

The annual Scientific Computing Portfolio Management Team (SCPMT) review is scheduled for Feb. 23 and 24. This review helps develop the M&S purchases and SCD service directives for the following fiscal year(s), e.g., SCPMT17 helps to develop the FY18 and FY19 plans. In preparation, all experiments that use computing resources fill out a resource request spreadsheet…. More »

The Jobsub high-availability servers have recently completed their third year as FIFE’s  preferred batch submission systems to the OSG.  We have worked to achieve a good balance between user convenience, security, service availability and resource utilization.  Experience and high user load have taught us where improvements are needed.

GrafanaCon 2016

  Last December, Kevin Retzke traveled to New York to speak about Fermilab and Fifemon at GrafanaCon, the annual gathering of Grafana users and developers. Everyone was excited to learn more about Fermilab’s scientific mission, and how Grafana is being used to monitor scientific computing.