The first phase of the Distributed Computing Access with Federated Identities (DCAFI) Project was successfully completed in August 2016. All Fermilab users and experiments have been transitioned to the new certificate service provided by CILogon Basic Certificate Authority (CA). Thanks to the hard work of FIFE support personnel and the DCAFI project team, all of… More »

We discussed plans for unmounting the BlueArc data areas from Fermigrid worker nodes in the December 2015 issue of the FIFE Notes. As noted in that article, the overall data rates needed on Fermigrid exceed the capacity of the current BlueArc NFS servers. We are removing all access to the BlueArc /*/data and /*/ana areas… More »

The Production Operations Management System (POMS) was initially developed for the OPOS group to help them effectively manage job submissions for multiple experiments.

StashCache is an OSG service that aims to provide more efficient access to certain types of data across the Grid. Most jobs end up copying their input files all the way from Fermilab every time they run, which can be slow and inefficient. In some cases, the files get reused multiple times – an example  of this is the flux files… More »

This past August saw a record number of physicists in Chicago for the International Conference on High Energy Physics. The 38th installment of this biannual conference featured several presentations by SCD members in not only the Computing and Data Handling track, but also in the Astroparticle, Detector R&D, Higgs, and Neutrino tracks. FIFE was especially… More »