Batch computing direct access to BlueArc ending

We discussed plans for unmounting the BlueArc data areas from Fermigrid worker nodes in the December 2015 issue of the FIFE Notes. As noted in that article, the overall data rates needed on Fermigrid exceed the capacity of the current BlueArc NFS servers. We are removing all access to the BlueArc /*/data and /*/ana areas from Fermigrid worker nodes. Both direct NFS mounts and access via Gridftp with ifdh cp will be removed. On request, we will retain the ifdh cp path for a limited, specified time during the transition. New experiments like Dune are being deployed to Fermigrid without worker node BlueArc data access. MINOS and MicroBooNE are unmounting their areas in October, with MINERVA following in November, and other experiments soon to be scheduled.

BlueArc volumes will remain available on GPCF interactive nodes and FermiCloud nodes. You can use ifdh cp to move directory trees efficiently from BlueArc to dCache. An example of how to transfer files is shown here:

source /grid/fermiapp/products/common/etc/
setup ifdhc
ifdh cp -r <Bluearc path> <dCache path>

When the unmounting transition is complete, disk storage for batch computing will be provided exclusively via the Fermilab dCache infrastructure. The NAS, (BlueArc) will continue to provide NFS storage for interactive computing and a diagram of the ongoing changes is shown below.



–Arthur Kreymer and Andy Romero