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StashCache is an OSG service that aims to provide more efficient access to certain types of data across the Grid. Most jobs end up copying their input files all the way from Fermilab every time they run, which can be slow and inefficient. In some cases, the files get reused multiple times – an example  of this is the flux files… More »

Fifemon tips

Interested in seeing what the batch jobs for your SAM project are doing? Go to the SAM Project Summary dashboard and select your project name from the dropdown.  We recently introduced a User Overview dashboard, which shows you at a glance the recent status of your batch jobs, SAM projects, and IFDH file transfers. Is the batch… More »

FIFE workshop report

For the fourth year in a row, the FIFE Project hosted a two day workshop dedicated to improving the scientific computing for Intensity and Cosmic Frontier experiments at Fermilab. The first day focused on the new tools, resources and a roadmap (including a new logo) for the FIFE project in the future, and the second day consisted… More »

Fifemon tips

Did you know Grafana has two themes – light (white background) and dark (black background)? You can pick your default theme in your User Profile. Overwhelmed by the number of jobs showing up in a table?  Check out the list of filters in the drop-down above the table to help narrow it down.