​Recent Open Science Grid milestones

The Open Science Grid (OSG) has recently achieved a number of milestones and continues to provide distributed grid computing resources to scientists around the world at a record scale.


2015 marked the first year since the OSG’s inception a decade earlier that over 1 billion computational hours were consumed by OSG users. Additionally, November 2015 marked the first calendar month where OSG usage exceeded 100 million computational hours putting the OSG on track to breaking last year’s records in 2016. While the LHC experiments of ATLAS and CMS continue to be the cornerstones of both usage and provided resources on the OSG, FIFE experiments and Fermilab resources played a larger role on the OSG than ever before. In particular, mu2e was the 4th largest Virtual Organization (VO) to use the OSG in 2015 with 49 million computational hours logged. A feat that’s particularly impressive given that over 35 million of those hours were harvested opportunistically across the OSG and that prior to March, the Mu2e experiment had never used OSG resources outside of Fermilab.

Fermilab continues to be one of the largest resource providers on the OSG. In 2015, Fermigrid was the third largest provider of CPU to the OSG with approximately 100 million hours delivered.

Wall hours summed to 1,009,066,075 hours from week 0 of 2015 to week 52 of 2015.


– Bo Jayatilaka & Tanya Levshina